Quisque Team

About the People

Our TechRebels team is made to make things and make things happen. We are an experienced multidisciplinary team of business leaders and IT specialists that do not take NO for an answer...

Our role model

The person we all want to be! Talented, creative, smart, good looking, digital minded and a VR tree hugger.

    Do you have what it takes?

    TechRebels is expanding their gang. Whether you are a beginner rebel or an expert rebel, just drop us a mail with your business criminal record.

    Passionate Rebel

    House music fanatic, passionate digital creator and serial entrepreneur, acting as business conscience for the bunch.

      Endless Rebel

      Endlessly bringing ideas to the table, friendly people developer, coach, godfather of business

        Creative Rebel

        Lost in the Cloud, immensely creative, entrepreneurial architect for complicated and cool stuff

          Genius Rebel

          Ideal son in law, creative front runner, digital designer, spontaneously genius and fun to be with.

            Peaceful Rebel

            Wants to make the world a better place by making things more fun, more efficient and more sustainable.

              Warrior Rebel

              Down to earth front warrior, guiding the bunch through the digital landscape, master design systems.