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Rapid solution development

Building and implementing solutions is hard and costly. Most projects run into delays or overruns because conditions for success have not been fulfilled. The complexity is that we are not properly aligned within the team and with our business stakeholders on the specific elements that need to be developed. The aim should be to develop exactly that what brings maximum value to the business and to do that effectively.

We developed a methodology that prevents project failures and increases project output value for the business. The methodology is combining already available concepts such as Scrum / Agile to streamline project execution. Rapid Solution Development brings innovation into your organisation in a cost effective way.


Rapid Solution Development


Let’s have a deeper look to each of the nine simple steps, we start at the bottom building the right foundation for your development efforts.


Understanding the WHY from a business perspective gives great insights to what we are trying to achieve. As often happens, once we go down the road of specification, we tend to lose sight of the WHY. Setting clear objectives, targets and KPIs prevent this. Also defining principles and conditions which are relevant for the end product are crucial to prevent rework later in the product life cycle. And, bringing ideas and functionality back to the core reasons for its existence gives you the pillars for a minimal viable product.


Without clear design specifications we tend to live with the idea that everybody has the same perception of the product to be developed. In practice this almost never happens. Doing it right means putting different skills and perspectives in the team which means we need to align on what we want to develop before we start. Firstly, we take the perspective of the user and define user groups and their user journeys. This is further detailed out in specific use cases with clear acceptance criteria, shaping the scope of the development. Second, we need to be clear on the requirements and use of the product or application for the different phases of it’s existence and third, we want to visually understand what the product will look like, for most the best way to get full alignment.


The last 3 steps are focused to create set the right circumstances for effective development and Sprint processes. Having sufficient support from Stakeholders and a fast operating governance process for making decisions is crucial to keep delays and budget overruns out of the door. A good understanding of the potential risks and dependencies enable mitigation actions to prevent those to become project and development issues. And obviously, once all these steps have been taken, we need to create an implementation plan where all criteria are checked for completion prior to the start of the development processes. Especially when you outsource your development team the implementation plan clarifies all of the elements for outside or new team members.

For more information you can contact Jesper Dolieslager via an email to jesper@techrebels.nl

Jesper Dolieslager (1991) started his career as a commercial airline pilot. Since 2011 he’s been applying his knowledge about automation and management inside the IT industry. For more than 8 years he worked for market leader in the digital entertainment industry for online chats. With the creation of a special made framework he was able to lead a team of developers to expand the business globally. In the latest project he worked on, a cloud project which matches people and sends automated messages up to 1.500.000.000 messages per month. Since 2019 Jesper started as an entrepreneur within TechRebels and utilises his knowledge and experience to help other companies leveraging the cloud and building high performance applications.

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